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Data privacy policy

We are delighted that you are interested in our website. We attach a great deal of importance to protecting your privacy while you are visiting our website. Personal data is collected during your visit to this website, but only to the extent technically necessary. The data is not sold or passed on to third parties unless there are legal obligations to provide information. The following policy provides you with an overview of how we guarantee this protection, as well as which types of data are collected for what purpose. We comply with the legal regulations, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and the new German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG-new).

Your personal data (e.g. name, address, email address, phone number, etc.) will be processed by us only in accordance with the provisions set down in German data protection legislation. Data is personal if it can be clearly assigned to a certain natural person

1. Responsible authority

The responsible authority under the terms of the legal provisions is (name, street, town / city of the website operator Niehoffs Vaihinger Fruchtsaft GmbH, Bahnhofstraße 40, 67742 Lauterecken, hereinafter also referred to as “NVF”.

2. Collecting and processing personal data on this website

Generally speaking, you can visit our website without any need to log in. Personal information, such as your name, postal address, email address, phone number, fax number or mobile number, etc., are only collected if you provide us with the same voluntarily for the purpose of implementing a contract, fulfilling an order, or sending information material or a survey. Data which you transmit to us on our website will be saved, processed and used for the purposes of handling contracts and orders and for processing your enquiries.

For the implementation of a contract, such data regularly includes the following:

surname, first name, street, postcode, town / city, phone number, fax number, email address, subject matter of the contract, quantity

The length of time for which the data is saved is based on the legal provisions, or alternatively set when the intended purpose is achieved.

Visits to web pages are deleted after three months at the latest. Personal data which you have transmitted to us in the context of a contract will be deleted six years after the contract has ended at the latest, provided that there are no legal provisions which stipulate longer storage periods. Your email address that you have told us for having newsletters, will be deleted no later than three months after the subscription to the newsletter has ended.


3. Saving access / usage data

During your visit to this website, our server collects and saves the data automatically generated by your browser and the downloaded files as log files. This technical data is automatically transmitted to us by your browser. This data includes:

For the purpose of designing and optimising this website as needed, the applicable server log files are evaluated in a pseudonymised form solely for statistical purposes. They will not be passed on to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes. This data will not be combined with other sources of data.


4. Passing data on to third parties

If you have shared personal data with us, it will not be passed on to third parties as a matter of principle.

It will only be passed on

We use social plugins and the option of registering and logging in using social logins on this website. Social plugins are web applications which connect this website to selected social networks. Social logins enable simple registration and/or login using a social network that you use. Your IP address and user data for the respective social network may be transmitted to the same through the social plugins or the use of the social login. Please refer to Section 6 for details of the social plugins and social logins used.


5. Use of cookies



Using our website without cookies

You can naturally also use our website without any need to use cookies. Using your Internet browser’s settings, you can categorically reject (“disable”) the use of cookies or receive a notification asking whether cookies ought to be set and therefore decide on a case-by-case basis whether to accept the cookies (“cookie warning”). You can make relevant settings under the “Tools / Internet Options” menu item of Microsoft Internet Explorer or under the corresponding menu items of other browsers. You will find further information concerning this matter in your Internet browser’s Help menu. Rejecting or accepting cookies can affect the functionality of our website.


Contact option

We offer you the opportunity to contact us by email and/or using a contact form on our site. In this case, the information provided by the user is saved for the purposes of processing their contact. This data is not passed on to third parties. Neither do we compare the data collected in this way with data which may be collected by other components of our site.


6. Legal basis for processing

The processing of personal data is carried out in particular in accordance with Art. 6 Para. 1 b), c) and f) of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of April 27, 2016 and in compliance with its other regulations and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG-Neu) of June 30, 2017.


7. Right to information and to correction, deletion, restriction, revocation and transmission of your personal data

Due to the new  German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG-Neu) and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can contact us at no cost if you have any questions concerning the collection, processing or use of your personal data and the correction, blocking or deletion of the same, or the revocation of the consent you granted. We would like to point out that, in accordance with the legal provisions, you have the right to correct, block and delete your personal data, as well as to restrict the processing and transmission of the same.

We will provide you with information on the personal data we have saved about you if you submit a written request. Please address your request to the company mentioned in the legal information.

We would like to point out that data transmission over the Internet is vulnerable to security issues, so complete protection against third-party access is impossible.


8. Hyperlinks to other web pages / websites

This website may contain hyperlinks to other web pages which do not belong to our company. If you visit such web pages, our company can no longer accept responsibility for the confidential handling of your data or for the content of the external web page. External links which were expressly accepted by us are marked as such. You can identify such accepted external links by the  icon after the links. We have no influence over the content of such web pages or their compliance with data protection regulations. We recommend that you find out about the valid guidelines when visiting other websites. We would like to point out that your data is transmitted over the Internet in unencrypted form if no cryptographic methods are used. The possibility of unauthorised access by third parties during transmission cannot, therefore, be excluded entirely.


9. Integration of third-party services and contents

Third-party content – such as YouTube videos, Google Maps map data, RSS feeds or graphics from other websites – may be integrated in this website. This always requires the provider of such content (hereinafter referred to as the “third-party provider”) to record the user’s IP address. This is because they would be unable to send the content to the respective user’s browser without the IP address. The IP address is therefore required to show this content. We strive to only use content from such providers who only use the IP address to deliver content. However, we have no control over whether third-party providers save the IP address for statistical purposes, for example. We shall inform users to this effect as soon as we become aware of such practices.


10. Security of the data transmitted

We take technical and organisational security measures to protect your data, which is managed by us, against accidental or wilful manipulation, loss and destruction or against access by unauthorised individuals. Our security measures are continuously improved in line with technological developments. We cannot guarantee complete data security for communication by email.


Your personal data will be transmitted in encrypted form. We use the “SSL” (Secure Socket Layer) security system in conjunction with 256-bit encryption for any and all instances of data transfer.

This technology offers maximum security and is also used by banks to protect data in the case of online banking for this very reason


11. Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (from 25 May 2018)

Under Article 77 of the GDPR, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority for data protection, particularly in the member state where your place of residence, your workplace or the place of the suspected violation is located if you believe that the processing of the personal data concerning you is in violation of the GDPR.


12. Miscellaneous

If you have any questions or suggestions on the topic of “Data Protection” at NVF, please send them to the address of the NVF Data Protection Officer:

Hubert Beeck, Karlsbergstr. 99, 66424 Homburg

Fax: 06841 984850-13

E-Mail : datenschutz(at) mineralbrunnen-kgaa.de